Let's cut to the chase: 
Your business struggle is NOT marketing, sales or your target market...

It is a struggle with worthiness. 

After working with thousands of women over the last 20 years, I have seen my fair share of business struggles. No matter the symptoms, most of them boil down to struggle with worthiness, value and mindset.

When you don’t feel worthy, you:

  • Overdeliver & undersell
  • Charge less than you are worth
  • Attract the wrong clients
  • Work harder instead of smarter
  • Struggle with boundaries and saying no
  • Have difficulty explaining what you do
  • Undervalue your genius & end up selling what exhausts you
  • Complicate it ALL
  • Experience the “hustle” and end up with burnout or health problems
  • Experience limited success even though you have so much “potential”

To address the real struggle in your business, we have to START with your
struggle with worthiness...this is the core!

Here is the truth: NO amount of effort, tactics, marketing secrets or cutting-edge sales techniques will make up for what needs to be addressed inside of you.

Let me handle one question you probably have right now:


No, this is not just a mindset program! I ALSO teach you simple techniques, tools and strategies to hone your target market, streamline your offers, raise your pricing, get leads, increase sales, operate your business more efficiently and focus, but…


---->  Here is a Gut Check <----

An Important Note: If you loved other business programs that told you exactly what to do, gave you a ton of marketing tactics, hacks and cheat sheets, and focused on kicking your ass into action, this program is NOT that kind of program. If you love the hustle, the drama or the pressure to constantly achieve, my work won't be aligned with your pace.

My deal-breakers (signs we are not a good fit)! 

You are NOT willing to look at yourself.

Personal responsibility is key in the program, and if you are not willing to do the deep, internal work, you will not get the results you want. That does not serve either of us!

You are NOT committed to being anti-racist and anti-sexist.

I have zero tolerance for racism, sexism or any other type of discrimination against marginalized communities. Being anti-racist and anti-sexist means you are actively working towards more equality.

You are NOT aligned with ethical marketing.

I refuse to manipulate people into buying, rushing or needing my services and I won’t tolerate that kind of behavior with my clients either. I believe in ethical marketing and honest sales.


You will not find another program like it. Here's why:

It is NOT built from the masculine lens

Almost ALL business programs are designed from a masculine lens. They do NOT take into consideration our full potential (which includes our feminine gifts, wisdom and tools). They are defined from the values created by the patriarchy. My program redefines business, success, wealth, balance, action, results, power, sales and so much more with a feminine lens.

There is NO hustle 

Not in this program and not in your business. We practice slowing down, working smarter not harder and honoring our natural rhythms to create more success, wealth and freedom. I am an anti-hustle coach and believe we reach more of our full potential when we have capacity, space and flow. 

It has self-development & business development
in equal measure

Most programs have a high slant to one side or the other. They focus on mindset and self-development, but ignore the business structures you need to succeed. Most business programs leave out the self-development (except a few life hacks) and focus on business - as if you can cut off who you are and the life you are sitting in.

It removes complication so you can have
a simple & streamlined business 

I believe business and personal growth are more about removing things than adding things. The more we try to add to our business and life, the more complicated and less efficient they get. Ultimately, this means we achieve less success. This program helps you streamline your business for success.

It has been fully validated, tested and evolved

There are a lot of inexperienced coaches and business teachers offering high-end programs with little evidence of their long-term results. They offer what worked for them, NOT what worked for their clients over time. I have been validating, testing and evolving what I teach for more than 20 years. This program has been running for 4 years, and it is the only program I currently offer. Why? Because it works and I spent a long time ensuring that it will work for you.  

It works brilliantly for ALL women... 

but especially for those who are introverts, reluctant leaders, ethical businesses, anti-hustlers, women focused on purpose and impact vs. fame and money, and those who want to balance their business with their family and/or health. This is NOT what you find in most business programs. Those programs require you to compromise your true self, your values and your natural energy to operate in the only way they know how to succeed.

The work you do here will last you a LIFETIME, not be irrelevant in 6 months

Here is how most programs work: the program leader learns something from their coach and passes it down to their students. These tactics are temporary and as they become common, they become ineffective. They are just hacks & shortcuts, not core lessons that can be applied over and over again. Within 6 months, the “program” you invested in is worthless. With this program, I teach you to adapt, evolve and stay in alignment, no matter what changes in the outside world.

It is a fair and honest investment based on value rather than inflated ego 

My program provides results and life-changing experiences. Given my history, expertise, experience and results, I could charge a lot more in today’s crazy, inflated marketplace. I am however committed to ethical marketing & honest sales. I charge fairly for a clean value exchange. You will get exponential results for less investment than the norm in my industry. I got in business to serve, but I also know my value. I offer balanced and fair pricing and am committed to ethical marketing. 

I bet you are wondering WHAT YOU WILL WORK ON IN THIS PROGRAM!

I have three main stages of the program:

Reclaiming yourself & your worthiness

Streamlining & simplifying your business

Business growth: sustainable, organic and dare I say, fun!

How is the program delivered?


First of all, you are NOT just a number to me. I will know you, track your journey and offer my guidance through the whole process. My program has a uniquely designed format that COMBINES online training & self-study, group work & live events, and an optional 1:1 coaching package.

There are 2 paths you take simultaneously but with 1 focus (because we are anti-hustle here):

  • Your individual journey
  • Your group journey

Each month follows a 3 weeks on/1 week off pattern: For the first 3 weeks of each month there is instruction, a focus and group events. The 4th week is a week for integration, space & restoration.

We have monthly group events including a fun jam where you get to work 1:1 with several amazing women in this group, a monthly live training session, a virtual retreat and weekly Office Hours for Q&A and small group support.

The 1:1 package offers Zoom coaching sessions and allows us to unpack more of what is getting in your way and design more specifically for your business. 

I have designed this program over the last four years to provide more results! The combination of learning platforms produce MORE results for you and allows me to provide my best service to every client. 

Ready to Get Started?

What are the Results?

These are some of the results we will create together: 

"Once I let go of who I thought I should be, I could create the space and the vision for who I really am. I honestly couldn’t have achieved the alignment that I feel right now without Sonya. Having her there has allowed me to keep going where I probably would have given up before."

Belinda Haan
The Motherhood Gathering

"Sonya is a gifted teacher. She not only gets to the core of the matter but she also helps you see how you can achieve it in a way that is authentic to you. She walks the talk and I don’t know about you but I’m here for that kind of leadership. It has certainly changed my life."

Sunshine Kamaloni
Author, Racial Equity Consultant & Change Maker

"When we simplified everything, I finally had space in my head! I just felt like this big relief was off my shoulders. And I feel like I’m making more impact doing less work, which seems you know, completely crazy, but it’s true."

Kathryn Stoneman
Founder, A Mindful Start

Lisa Bryne
E-commerce Business Coach

"Sonya has this magical way of helping women navigate modern life and all of the current uncertainty. It's an understatement to say that her events have transformed my life. Sonya has helped me come to a place where I can trust in my power and believe in myself to create a life that I love."

Carolyn McCall
The Little Project Management Company

"Before I started the program, I was not enjoying my work and had I continued to work the way I was, I might have just given up on my business and gone back to being an employee. I now have clarity of what my value is. I can choose to work with the people who value what I do, and how I can best provide for my clients without burning myself out."

Jamie Walsh
Naturopath & Clinical Nutritionist

“Sonya is like no other coach I have ever worked with. Her genius goes beyond business structures to the much deeper self-work. The work that will dismantle your personal blocks, standing in the way of what your heart truly desires. I have seen true transformation in my own life and in many other women who have had the privilege of working with Sonya!”

Bec Ampt
Creative Director of the Conscious Creative Studio

Ready to Get Started?

FAQs & Other Information

> What stage do I need to be in with my business?
This program works best for those who have been in business for at least one year and works very effectively for those who have been in business even decades. You need to have some experience under your belt and have had a few clients. If you are already making 20k a month and not approaching burnout, then this is probably not an ideal fit. 

> Do you only work with service businesses? 
Mostly, but there have been exceptions when the need is internal or with leadership. I don't teach business structures for e-commerce or product businesses. 

> What if I am sitting on the fence and a bit scared to get on a call with you? After all, I am used to pressure sales.
I am aligned with ethical marketing! I don't do pressure sales. My goal is to make sure we are a good fit and I am the best person to serve you. I will share with you how I work and it is up to you to decide what is right for you and your business. 

> What if I have no money? 
It is important to invest in your business: time, effort, heart and yes, money too. I have payment plans and a fair price, but I do not do discounts or devalue myself. I promise you will have a huge return on your investment if you trust in the process and follow my guidance. 

> I am worried about having enough time to invest in the program. 
The beauty about my program is that it meets you where you are. Even committing to the program starts to shift your life and business. I can work with you to devise a plan based on your time limitations. Often I remove 80% of the tasks my clients are doing that takes up their time. You will gain more time, space and freedom.